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Promoting my fiverr account

Since joining Fiverr in Jan, 2019, I am only happy with the fact that I have received enough orders to earn me a level two seller badge. Also, I currently maintain a stat of 100. 100. 100 . 5.0. However, I am very bored because I do not receive orders consistently, I wait day and night checking my account to see if there is any order. I have tried promoting my account through my social media account, but I only receive few orders and it stops coming. Please I need someone to sincerely advise me on the best way(s) to promote my account. I am ready to pay for the promotion of my account if necessary. I just need to know where and how to promote it.


If you have the Fiverr app and you notifications on, it won’t be necessary to check if you have orders or not. On the app, check the buyer requests tab and send some offers to buyers (there’s a 10 offer limit per day). Try promoting your profile on social media as well.

I have the Fiver app and I also get the notifications, but I unconsciously still check to see if there is an order. I have promoted my account on my social media page. Please is there any way I can effectively promote it on social media?

I check the app to see if there’s an order too. I guess if you see anyone needing any work done that you provide, you can give them a link to your gig/s or profile.