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Promoting my gig outside of fiverr on flyers and business cards

I have noticed that when I try to type in the url for my fiverr gig, it doesn’t go to my profile. It appears as if you must post or embed this link in a website or blog. What do i do if i want to make a business card or flyer and waht do i put as a website link?

I would just put your user name, and say something like look for me on Fiverr. Long URLs turn people off anyway. Or, you could get a domain name, and just park it with website forwarding.

Thanks for the input! It did look weird to put the url on a card. I think getting a domain name that forwards is going to be the best bet.

I have it on my card as fiverr.comfonthaunt which takes them to my profile even if they copy it just as is. Once they get there they’ll see all my gigs. It fits on mine as well as my other shortened URL that i use for business. I would go with the profile URL like that instead of a gig URL. The domain forward does look even nicer!