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Promoting outside fiverr pays

I’m still a newbie when it’s comes to fiverr.I sought people’s opinion on how best to promote my gigs and different advice came in.I implemented some of them and if the truth must be told,I’m seeing results.It’s time to scale up and maximize it to the fullest.Thanks to everyone that dropped in a word or two.

Hi :slight_smile:

Good news! Reading your thread title one expects… a bit more :slight_smile:

Would you please write a bit more (without external links of course) about the kind of promotion you have made and your own tips, so that others in this forum can benefit?

all the best!

I am also “VERY” new in fiverr. I have gigs on solo ads. Can I get some of the tips on how to promote my gigs. I plan to use forums, but I don’t know where to get or how to search for forums whose members will need solo ad service.

Please HELP me.Thanks