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Promoting using free techniques


Does using a social media poster and fake facebook profiles to promote your gig still work? Ive never used free techniques to promote something. Im wondering if this still works? can you with 1 FB account post in 100 groups in 1 day without being banned? With a social media poster?

Simple Yes or NO will suffice.

Thank you

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Totally a bad idea…you should use free techniques as a professional and not as a spammer

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As a new member on fiverr foeum. I think making fake profile on work. But try your best.
Good luck

Ok than where can i find some resources on how to promote for free my fiverr gigs? I don`t know only paid. Can you point me in some direction?
Thank you

No, how it possible?

It’s not a good idea to make a fake facebook profile . Try to be professional bro !:sunglasses:

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Sorry for the late reply but there is no need for a fake profile this is what I do. I use my real profile on facebook and I join relevant groups releted to my niche and I try not to spam but be an active member, solve some members problem , then time to time you introduce your brand.