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Promoting Your Fiverr Gigs on Twitter & Facebook

We all know it is wonderful to get sales, but just like any other business, you must advertise your services to be found. I have been using twitter and it is a huge help. Some things to keep in mind are:

  1. Don’t overdo it. Tweeting & posting too many links can get you into trouble with Twitter.

    2.Talk about your business & the things you do and wait for responses, then give the link to your gig(s) or your fiverr profile.
  2. Be sociable, don’t just talk about business talk about things that make you happy or feel good. Share images and positive quotes.
  3. When you make those who you socialize with feel good about themselves, they in turn feel good about you. That confidence in you, will result in more sales.

    I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Great tips sassygirl23 thanks for sharing. I personally swear by social marketing (done right, as you said). andreo92 time to get started. If you already have a Twitter account, see what your followers are like and what they talk about, and join in the conversations. Best wishes. Tweet :arrow_right: :-@


Promoting on Twitter has given me sales. Facebook not so much. But I have my Twitter linked to my Facebook so whatever I post on Twitter shows up there. And Vice Versa. But at this point, Facebook is killing everyone’s traffic. Only way to get any now is through hashtags if you’re promoting your Fiverr gigs.


It amazes me at the number of people using social media who are not interacting with potential customers. Those who follow you and like you want to know they are appreciated, so speak to them. Get to know them. You will find others looking at your conversations and loving your personality so much, they cannot help but want to partake in the services or products you offer.

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How exactly do you promote it on Twitter ? Never done it before, so I could use the tips.

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andreo92 said: How exactly do you promote it on Twitter ? Never done it before, so I could use the tips.
If you have a twitter account talk about yourself but better yet talk to others who are following you. Learn more about them and take the time to see what there needs are, be genuine and sincere and when they ask about what you do, share that information. It can go a bit further than "Look at my great gigs on Fiverr" Its not that you cant do that and probably should on occasion, just be sure to interact with people.


Reply to @magellon: Thank you for the compliments. You are welcome and exactly right. Get to know your followers on social media and you will soon find yourself with virtual friends who will either want your services or know someone who does.

Here are some more tips. Don’t just tweet text and links, but use images as well. A pretty picture with an inspirational quoted will get reposted many more times thank text will. Just keep a balance. Too much of the same thing will get boring to people, so keep it fresh. The images will also help you get posted to other social media sites like Pinterest. :slight_smile:

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Prmoting on Facebook is getting much harder nowadays. Facebook is limiting who can see your posts and how many will see them. As I understand it, if you have 10,000 fans, maybe 15% or 1500 will see it. The same goes for posting on your own personal profile. One thing you can do, is create lists on your personal account and share to your fan or business page posts to each group. However, be careful not to post more than once per day or you will be in trouble with Facebook for spam.


Djapna did you want to answer me?


Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links is not allowed.

sassygirl23 how do you exactly promote mean only by posting links or you wrute something before postind link?

Sheriff’s Note: Post your questions in the MY FIVERR FAQs section.

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Reply to @andreo92: As well said by sassygirl23, twitter as all the other social platforms is a great way to promote your products.

You must have in mind that to get customers via these platforms you have to spend a lot of time there, to be a part of their community. You have to add value to your profile and to try to help others too. Don’t just go and tell ‘’ Hi, I’m selling this service!’’ No! Try to help others, to understand their problems and be a solution for them. Make friends! Don’t see them as customers.

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In nowadays just Fiverr searching algorithms are doing the rulles, not social media, SEO campaigns or other promotion techniques. If “somebody” is loving you, then you can get 7 orders in 2h, else… you can do a crazy marketing just to hope to get one more order per day (if you’re lucky to get it)…


Reply to @sassygirl23: Facebook is really hard these days and seems to lose its value day by day. It’s really very hard to be exposed to other communities or to be a part of them. You can have the best content ever but as well said by you, it will reach a very small percentage of your followers. You have to make them come back daily or often to your page or your profile in order to see your updates!

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Reply to @atuldayal: If you only promote your gigs on twitter using links then you will be breaking the rules for spam on twitter. I hope that answers your questions.

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Reply to @whitehatseo10: Marketing isn’t just about luck, you must target those that you believe would be interested in your services.

Reply to @kostaspap: Exactly, thankfully there are several social media outlets to reach more people. If you can figure out a way to get people back to your facebook page daily without spending a lot of money doing it, then you would be golden.

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Reply to @sassygirl23: For your sales volume, I’m not surprised you can’t understand what I wrote…