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Promoting your gig on Buyer Request Forum? Don\'t


I have seen many sellers promoting their gigs/profiles on Buyer request forums…

Following are reasons why Sellers should not use Buyer request forum for promoting their gigs…

  1. Its a Buyer request Forum which means Buyers only post their requests on that forum and then wait for sellers to respond on their requests. It means buyers will not read your post on that forum.

  2. Instead of creating that request, you can go to that forum and spend time in looking at different requests and write them what you can do. There’s a high chance of receiving order if you write customized responses to the requests. According to my own experience, I receive orders 1 out of 5 time I respond on buyer’s requests.

  3. If by chance, a Buyer see your post and want to look at what services you offer, they will not be able to visit your profile. Try contacting other sellers on that forum who promotes their gigs and you’ll understand how difficult it is to contact such sellers on that forum.

So lets use that forum in way it is designed for :slight_smile:



Good advice, but I’m not sure that the ones who do it will read your post.
And I guess I would one more point: by trying to promote yourself in that section you risk to receive a dozen of useless for you offers sent by sellers.


Honestly,Fiverr to me is all about delivering the best of what you can offer. But such seller misuse the Platform because of desperation and anxiety. I suppose Fiverr as a company have to stop granting seller from posting and create another promotional channel for seller to demonstrate there skills since there description pages on there account is not enough.
But don’t blame them is all about making money,but to me when excellence is your watch words in everything you do,buyers will always queue for your service.
Sellers,make excellence your watchword,my candid advice!


Me i have been wondering about it but still i see them get response from that section, who gives them those response?


It is just plain weird. I thought Fiverr used to VET those requests before until it became more frequent. That part needs to be revamped


Yeah, I wonder how some sellers get away with it being that requests are always moderated.


Agree, they wont read it and they will keep spamming :confused:


They may be getting responses earlier… but now I guess fiverr has made changes after which its too difficult to respond to those posts.


I lost my old account before just because i tried to do this ^^ i was so naive


Sellers need to realize that the short term exposure is not worth losing the buyer’s trust and violating the Fiverr TOS.


It is so very annoying. I cant see the real request buyers anymore. I only see the ones who are searching for buyers. Fiverr support must stop this. Its a pitty i can’t find the request who needs help with there request.


This is how my buyers request page looks like. Only sellers advertise there. I cant find the buyers??


thats insane… Still I can see one buyer as well :smiley:


Send a message to Customer Support and let them know how you feel as they are the one’s who authorize the posts. I don’t think there’s much that can be done about it.


oh no, is this true ? I’d spend my times to send offers to buyer from buyer request, is this worth for me as a seller ?


Do not over promote your show through the message. This results in unblocking the account if you are tagged to the spam


yes, thats worthy… if you send offers to buyer’s requests, there’s a high chance you’ll get orders.


I really hope there is REPORT BUTTON there, so the fiverr will remove their request and ban their gigs.


It’s really annoying and irritating


Thank you adkafridi you have made my heart glad now.