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Promoting Your Gig On Social Media

How is your Fiverr Business after you promoted it on social media. Did you see an increase in business or did it remain the same?

Yes, it will definitely increase.

Got more views but no new orders :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hello bro,
Which social platform you use for sharing gig?

Twitter I have the most followers over there.

Good for you if you have received more orders.

I asked the question because Fiverr encourages sellers to advertise on social media but from time to time I see posts where sellers say it does not help their business

i don’t really use social media much so i can’t promote my gig :confused:

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I looked at your Gig and you joined since September 2017 but it seem you have not received any orders, if so you may have to change your Gig

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