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Promoting Your Gig on Social Media?

Is it allowed to promote your gigs on social media? For example, posting it on facebook, then someone will contact you on fiverr because they saw your post.

Is that allowed?

Fiverr allows you to link your website, right?
What if your website contains your Instagram, facebook, etc

Will that get you banned?

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If you’re not spamming, yes.

Only if it’s from the list of the URLs of allowed websites, and even then, it shouldn’t allow visitors to contact you outside of Fiverr. And even if it’s from the allowed list and has no personal contact information, some people still get in trouble for using it.

@amber006, sharing a link to your gig is only allowed in My Fiverr Gigs, in the topic that you have started to promote your gig. Or, you can share it in Improve My Gig, in the topic you have started to ask for advice. Sharing it anywhere else on the forum is spam.

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