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fiverr has grown to some pretty amazing heights! When I think about business and entrepreneurship, I’m one that used to love cutting the “middleman” out. I’ve realized over time that this isn’t the best model for success, because we all need other people to buy and like the things we create. fiverr has built a reputation as the most reliable “middleman” on the web, because their business model is extremely intriguing to a very broad scope of people.

If you’d like to send your special someone a unique gift that says “I love you”, why not order one of the many tailor made gigs that will do so in that special and unique way. If you’re a student looking to get help on a paper, why don’t you order the gig from the full-time teacher that proofreads your document and turns it around within 24 hours.

I’m alluding to the fact that there are millions of buyers on fiverr searching for reliable services, because they’ve experienced, heard or are curious about the site where you can buy virtually anything starting at five bucks!

Any additional social networking or advertising would be extremely wise on your behalf, and the right tactics will be unique to every seller. I go in-depth on what has worked for me in my, “How I’ve earned 10,000.00+ in my spare time over the last 3 years with a couple of fiverr gigs” ebook.


Please can you suggest me ways I can boost the number of orders I get?


Send buyer request it is a great way to boost sell new seller get orders only by buyer request


Cool! is there other way for newbies to get orders except by buyer’s request.


How long i must wait respond from the buyer after i send the offers?


It depends on when they are online. It may be 5 minutes, 5 hours, or never. Keep sending out though, and make sure you’re sending a related gig for a fair price.


Wait for someone to order, or have family and friends who need your service go through Fiverr so you can get some reviews.


Thank you vigasan for your enlightenment.


Good to see it expanding in different areas too!!




Great tip , had not thought of that possibility.


graphics designer, expert photo editor


Great information’s. I joined here since 4-5 days but didn’t got any order yet, Hope will get soon.


Yeah…my friend…just keep your patients.


My gigs removed from Fiverr Search, What I do?


graphics designer,web traffic


Graphics Design,web traffic


I had a good sales untill i became first level seller, a little slow when i was 2nd level seller. And totally rolled out now.

No tricks n tips works.

Any suggestions?


Hi, just follow these steps to increase your chances

  1. Upload an High quality display image for each gig
  2. Upload a pro video for each gig (330% more conversion)
  3. Description which describes your gig clearly
  4. Put correct Tags/Keywords on the Tag section
  5. Send buyer request regularly related to your gig only
  6. Promote using Social media like FB groups, Twitter, Linkedln etc…
  7. Create youtube videos and put your gig link on the description
  8. Always over deliver like free one day delivery etc.
  9. Try to be Online always, you can download the fiverr app on your smart phone and respond to the buyers without any delay, that will increase your response rate
  10. Always Loyal to the buyer, that will turn a first time buyer to your regular buyer


Please don’t spam here, you can post your gig Ad on My fiverr gig’s section