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Promoting your GIGs on Facebook - help

I was promoting my gigs on facebook groups. And i allways get block from facebook because i OVERpromote. …I posted more than one per day…Its once per day the limit? And how many groups can you have for promotion? Can someone please help me with that…so i don’t get overpromoting again

hey roginac i’m also promoting my gigs on facebook but no result. I want to know how do u promote?? Just post your links or write something about your gig and then post? Tell me please

Hi roginc,

I do promote via Facebook and I created my own Facebook page which is becoming very popular. I never had any problems with promoting on Facebook and all my customers come from FB, just 3 to go and i reach my level One!

I would like to know where you promote your links; because I would highly recommend promoting via FB as this is the best way to get customers and earn some money.

I can not put my FB fan page here because they will remove my post otherwise but feel free to contact me if you like.

Kind ragards,


I promote in diferent facebook GROUPS and i overpromote so i got ban from facebook for one week that i cannot post any more

Posting self-promotion material more than once a day on someone else’s FB page, whether a fan page or group, is considered SPAM, as you’ve discovered. So why not start your own page, as @jansmit suggested? Or, better yet, why not cast a spell to bring in buyers? Isn’t that a way to make you “wealthier and rich”? Or cast a powerful Voodoo “wish come true” spell, and wish for sales. I’m always curious why people are so often looking for help making sales on Fiverr, when they sell gigs that, if they really worked, should work for themselves, too.