Promoting your Gigs to Asian Clients


Hello all!!

I am a new fiverr seller from India and I have noticed one thing that among all the new users coming to Fiverr, many are from Asia and specifically from India, Indonesia etc.

And I want to help myself and all people to get to these potential clients.

I hope you will share to grow us ALL!!

Thank you


Can anyone suggest me, how to know the trending traffic driver Gigs on Fiverr?

I hope it will help many new comers like me to increase sales and become successful like seniors!!

Thank you in advance


Though no one commented haha

but I got to know many things from you all and now my sales is picking up.

Thank you


In regards to your question, "how to know the trending traffic driver Gigs on Fiverr?"

I suspect no one knows that. And what does it even mean?

IMO, there is too much dependence on what Fiverr does or doesn’t do for search, seo, traffic, for buyers, for sellers, for anyone, about anything.

Ya gotta create your own “traffic drivers” by promoting in the places where the folks that need your service hang out.

I see on another thread you’ve had a few sales. That’s great. But don’t rely 100% on Fiverr to bring you traffic. If you really want to boost your sales ya gotta do some heavy lifting on your own. Good luck!


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

yes you are right, actually I’m doing direct ads on google adwords and facebook ads ( as I’m ready to invest some money for my good gigs).

actually i don’t use social networks like facebook and twitter. I only have my brand pages there, so on that I have bit of a problem.

And by traffic drivers i meant what should I do to just get people to see my gigs. yeah you are right, social marketing is the best option.