Promotion and increase sell is it true?


Last 5 months I am trying to increase my sell??? But just I am trying no results are shown… Anyone tell me your success tale for me and all… How to increase sell??? Many said increasing sell depend on promotion. I have tried it more time but no result I found. Do you have another strategy to share us??? Please share for us.


The best strategy is to be patient. Promote your gig… i just don’t believe it. I’ll never promote my gigs and I got sales just from fiverr site.


Every business must promote their services in order to gain new customers. Your Fiverr gigs are no different. Figure out who your target customers are, then, do some research to determine where those target customers are located. Once you know these things, then you will have an idea where to direct your advertising and promotional efforts.

There is no easy option for success. Hard work – on a daily basis – is required. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. If you want to find success here, you will have to work for it – and this often includes marketing and promotion.