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Promotion & Demotion

Hi, I hope you all doing well, i want to ask something about promotion & demotion? can someone assist me?

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Why ask if you can ask a question? Just ask your question.

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fiverr givee me warning in 2017, then demoted in 2017. Then promoted. my question is " If I do A mistake then Will i get warning? or my account will be ban?

You should read fiverr TOS, it’s all explained there.
You can make 3 different mistakes and be banned only offer that or make the same mistake only second time and you’ll be banned.

Read fiverr tos, you will find answers not only on this your question but on many others.

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Read Fiverr Terms and Conditions, as everything is available regarding your question. It is better to read it instead of asking others.

Read the ToS. I don’t think you understand how levels work here and you should.