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Promotion on all my gigs

Hey guys. My name is Rose and I’m a graphic designer. I got lvl 1 seller yesterday and I love it. But I need 12 more orders to get to level 2. So I’ve decided to make a small promotion on my page.

And here’s the promotional code: DCDesign.

This is how the promotion works. You order 2 gigs and send me the promotion code as a personal message on include it in the gig message and I’ll make you a 3rd gig design for FREE. Including the code is very important. This way I’ll know you’ve read my post on forums and I’ll know you want to participate in the promotion. Order 2 get 1 FREE. This is my motto now. If you are not sure about which gigs to order leave me a message here or on the website. I’ll help you decide or give you further explanations.

I’m looking forward hearing from you.

Here’s a link to my profile so you can check out the awesome things i’m offering: