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Promotion to 71k tumblr followers and tips to gain tumblr followers quickly

hopefully I read the rules correctly and this is indeed the category where I can promote my fiverr gigs

I have just recently joined fiverr and have started up 4 gigs (1 is still pending) based around my tumblr popularity and how I can use that for the benefit of others. I believe I am offering services that are very useful and better than other similar promotion services provided on fiverr due to my larger than usual following of 71,000+.

I am currently struggling to receive any orders, which confuses me given that my gig descriptions are (in my opinion of course) well structured, clear, and informative, my experience in the field is of an extremely high standard, and my services themselves are very convenient, but people with followings at least 10 times smaller than mine are receiving hundreds of orders? I guess I’m envious that these people have clearly been on fiverr long enough to receive that many orders haha. I feel I have this amazing service to offer but no one is interested, which is a shame.

So this is just my way of helping to promote my useful gigs to the people of fiverr :slight_smile: please check out my gigs if anything I offer interests you.

Take care.

Also, I wish I could change my forum profile picture from that sheep image haha. No clue how to do so though :stuck_out_tongue: