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Promotion to Fiverr Level 2

Hello everyone,

I just got the badge of Level 2 Seller based on ratings. I didn’t get any response like messages, orders from buyers for a week time. I am wondering what happened. The Fiverr analytics didn’t working from couple of month and no one is able to check their Gig analytics status. What should i do to get work?



Congratulations for your great achievement.

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syedjunaid Congratulations for your best

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Congrats @syedjunaid

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Congratulations on your achievement :slight_smile: Best wishes for future…


I just hit Level One today!

Aiming for that Level Two in the next evaluation cycle.



Thank You :slight_smile:

@syedjunaid congratulations brother

@syedjunaid congratulations brother, I signed up today on Fiverr, I have only one Gig…quick question what’s the difference between level 1 and 2 sellers?

Congrats …

Syedjunaid…Congratulations for your great achievement…all is well…soon will get…

congratulation for promotion & wishes for future!