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Promotional Strategy


I would like to promote my gig through social media and through my website.

But I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to promote my gig?

If I promote my gig through my website, will it lead to breaking of TOS?



You are allowed to promote your gig on your website and on social media sites.

Breaking the ToS would be if you promote your website through your gig.


Oh that’s great.

So, at the end of my blog post, I can mention my gig link, right?

Also, If I mention about Fiverr service in my website along with other other freelancing sites, will that be considered a breach of TOS?

Once again thanks.


Yes, you can mention ( share ) gig link in your blog post.

You can mention whatever site you want, it’s your blog. :slight_smile:

I suggest you to read Fiverr’s ToS
to see what’s allowed and what’s not.


It does not matter if you promote your Gig on your website.

I would recommend you to Share your GIG’s on the social media groups that have a huge amount of members like FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, etc. It will help you a lot in increasing your GIG’s impressions, clicks and views, resultantly your GIG will visible among thousands of users and also boost in ranking too.

Best Regards


Can you mention some groups?


You may search on the FB through the names. Like Fiverr promotion etc…