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[Proof] How This 238-word Copy Generated $665 in Income


Dear Fiverr member,

Are you a business owner?
Do you struggle to convince customers to buy your product or service?
Do you suffer from anxiety that your competitors are getting more sales than you?
Are you tired of copywriters that promise sales but provide no proof?

…Or do you know how to write great copy but simply have no time to write advertisements because you have more important things to do?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are in the right place.

Free Sample Shows $665 in Profit from Sales

Four years ago, I wrote a short 238-word sales copy that generated $665 in total sales in Fiverr. You will see below the results of my short test campaign that also brought in 21 reviews from real Fiverr buyers. I took a break from copywriting since that small test. I focused instead on school, acquiring a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in Health Administration in Los Angeles, California. And I am now on my way to getting my MBA. All the while, I was studying copywriting, business, and what elements generate sales on my own time.

Now I reveal to you the power of writing that gets results.

The following shows the short sales letter that generated the earning you will also see later.

See the sample sales letter below:


In 4 months on a part-time basis, this small sales letter generated $665 in profit from over 21 Fiverr customers. Imagine if I promoted this sample letter to a full-time gig. This test was an experiment on whether words alone can move people to click on the Order button. It proved true.

Test Campaign Results in Profit

The profits generated are shown below in my Fiverr earnings page. Name of payers are censored for customer confidentiality.

See proof:

How to Generate Reviews

And that’s not all.

Remember this sample resulted in 21 reviews from real Fiverr customers. This small sales letter and the copywriting services I provided for these Fiverr buyers led to glowing reviews.

But I will let you be the judge of that.

Below are some of the noteworthy reviews:


You can read the rest of the reviews on my profile page.

I will show you how to turn copywriting into copy-pasting with proven results.

I am Cyknight. I write direct response ad copy for any product or service including landing pages, sales pages, email copy, or product descriptions specializing in the health niche but I can also write for other industries.

  • Market researched
  • Attractive headlines
  • Features and Benefits
  • Proof
  • Clearly reveal the value of your product/service
  • Connect with the emotional problems of your audience
  • Strong call to action

I have a passion for health and writing and I have a track record of success in converting readers into buyers through words. I will write copy for you that will get a direct response.

I am a Registered Nurse with an active license in California USA where I grew up and still practice as an RN. I also have a Master of Health Administration which means I have business knowledge do go along with my healthcare experience to help you in your business.

I specialize in the health niche but offer my services to any industry.

You will have credibility to back up the claims in your content by hiring an RN in the health industry, experience as a copywriter, and track record of conversions.

Leverage the Legends in Copywriting

The sample copy previously shown includes information that is factual. I researched and learned from the classic copywriters who pioneered the field of copywriting and sales advertising.

So truly, you are…

…hiring someone who learned from the classic, pioneer, and legendary copywriters:

  • Claude Hopkins – Scientific Advertising (1923)
  • Robert Collier – The Robert Collier Letter Book (1937)
  • Victor Schwab – How to Write a Good Advertisement (1942)
  • Eugene Schwartz – Breakthrough Advertising (1966)

…and hiring someone who learned the skills of modern copywriters :

  • Psychologist and CEO Dr. Glenn Livingston’s course Total Conversion Code ($297)
  • Copy Hackers in their Conversion Copywriting Course ($497)
  • Gary Bencivenga’s 100 Seminar Course ($5000)

Adding to that list:

  • Dan Kennedy – “The Ultimate Sales Letter, 4th Edition: Attract New Customers. Boost your Sales” (2011) & “No B.S. Direct Marketing” (2018)

Copywriting Secrets Revealed

I hold nothing back and will show you the process I use to conduct research and write the copy.

There are fundamental elements required to generate a sale.

I developed the process I personally call the 4 P’s

  • Pull – grab attention of customer with emotional appeal and facts
  • Promise – show benefits of using the product/service
  • Proof – break down the skepticism of the customer through evidence of results
  • Push – provide strong call to action, giving clear instruction on how to proceed

Due to Popular Demand: More Free Samples

The previous sample letter was not the only sales copy written. More samples can be found in the link below. It will lead to a gig page where you can scroll through the gallery. The samples are in PDF format in the gallery. Keep clicking next in the gallery and you will spot the PDF, then scroll down to see all available samples.

See samples here: —>> <<--------

Proof of sales and Testimonials also attached in the gallery.

Easy to Order

Simply provide:

  • Description of your audience
  • Link to product page
  • Link to a competitor site

You get:

Copy-paste ready Word Document

As the results show, every minute that you do not have effective copy, you are losing sales to competitors. So, don’t wait.

I am offering my service to you

I am here to help. Outsource the headache and save time.

I am available now with all the education, expertise, and experience you need. So, contact me before ordering.


PS: I assure 99.75% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

PSS: Again, you can see more samples here: —>> <<--------

Thank you and wishing you the best in your business,
(aka Mark)

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