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Proof of my earning

hi, I am full time web developer here on fiverr, and often i find my self in a position where i have to provide proof of my earnings. Now I know fiverr is not my employer and has no obligation toward this but I think like many other market places who provide earning certificates for its independent contractors fiverr should introduce this feature.

Any thoughts on this matter…?


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Use your bank or Paypal statements to show your earnings.
It will be easier to do this if you make regular withdrawals every week or month rather than randomly.
You can also use Fiverr revenue page to show what earning have cleared. Using this together with your statements will be sufficient for most institutions.
The image below is from my Revenue page - select the options as I have below for the month you require. Then click on “export to csv” and follow the instructions.



Fiverr and upwork providing Very awesome Earning certificate you can even use that certificate in embessy for Visa to let them know about your earning money.

Here is the example for Upwork

Just write to customer support they will take 2 weeks and give you certificate with your name address and VAT (if applicable ) .

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Hi Alyssa, the only way I’ve completed the math for tax purposes is to use a Paypal business account for Fiverr. Bearing in mind that if you use a portion of your proceeds to purchase gigs, you’ll need to keep track of that as well. I created a simple Google spreadsheet to manage that. Want a copy let me know. Cheers

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Thanks for the info, I knew about for upwork, and its great if fiverr do that too , would be really help…

yes please if you could share the spreadsheet that would be great… sounds good idea to keep track of things.

You can use PayPal/bank statements. Tax returns (if applicable) are the most helpful :slight_smile:

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