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Proof of work

Hello buyers, we are known as onlinecrew because we are saddled with the responsibilities of promoting your websites, gigs, product,business etc what we will like to tell you people is that you should always request for proof of work from your sellers because that will generate a better result for your websites,business, product we are here to solve the issue for you by providing a maximum result for you with a cheap remuneration, kindly check our gig and we assure you positive and accurate result at THANKS.

How does obtaining “proof” of work in any way effect website results?

thanks for that. proof of work is very important because of some lazy sellers, you need to tell them to send you the screen grab of the relevant post, with links, so that you can follow those links to know maybe he post it or not.

am a promoter also, i usually send like 18 different screen grab to buyers because i retain them, thanks.