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Proof that fiverr is not allowing us to get REAL traffic

We ALL need promotion, we buy different gigs from people who pretend to provide real visitors for our websites, social pages and so on. But they only give us fake likes, fake visitors…so we only get bots. Real traffic??? No!

I bought traffic in the past and I gave 100% positive review because I though…maybe there are some real visitors after all, and for just a few dollars, I dont want to leave a negative comment for the seller because well...maybe he is trying his best.<br /> <br /> I posted a GIG REQUEST and asked for someone from USA to use his/hers REAL facebook account and share my blog in different groups and pages. Because I am really interested in real traffic, and real traffic takes time and manual work which is perfectly normal. But guess what? Fiverr denied my GIG REQUEST. I dont know WHY fiverr team did this, but I have something in mind - maybe they are afraid that if somebody would give me his facebook or print screens as a proof that they shared my link, maybe I will give or accept direct payment from that person.

I know fiverr is afraid of this, they only want us to give payments using this website, which I also understand. However, sometimes some sacrifices might be necessary. And its useless if I tell them that this is not my interest, I only want REAL traffic and some proof that some manual shares were made in order to increase my audience.<br /> So if I want to buy some traffic, I will just order that supper gigs from supper sellers that promise REAL and active visitors who never appear.I will just order and I will just HOPE that some real visitors might appear from that huge army of bots.<br /> See the attachment please.<br /> And one more thing, just an advice, if you are using AD-SENSE and you want to buy traffic from fiverr, consider it again. You will get lots of bots and your AD sense will be closed.<br /> I am not blaming anyone, but I did not get real traffic even from the best sellers from fiverr.I also dont leave negative reviews because I know how this works, when you order, the reality is that you order just a hope.

This is not right because lots of people sell here different services that includes facebook, twitter and so on, this services includes the fact that seller and buyer must meet on facebook, and yes, that gigs are allowed and active - which is totally cool for me! What is not cool is that my GIG REQUEST was denied for this reason.

A reason which doesn’t seem to represent a problem for other people who`s services imply facebook meetings.

Wishing you the best!

You are sadly correct that majority of gigs do not provide legit traffic. Most that I have tested do not actually even arrive on the page, even though visitor counter counts them. It’s also bad if it shows a referrer to a known traffic providing site. And those will provide trouble if it’s bot traffic. Not only do your rankings decline, but it’s dangerous also.

SEO is the best bet if wanting legit google traffic, or high quality gigs. Can spot those usually if they do not offer thousands for $5. Real, targeted traffic is a LOT more expensive.

thats how it goes, 5 dollars and people will bot your site, kinda sucks.

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If getting that much real traffic was easy we would all be at it, and not sitting on Fiverr. They might not necessarily be bots though, they could be using a service liks addmefast.

Most people who buy those gigs (traffic and social likes) know that it’s all fake, but they want it so their social profiles don’t look so empty and appear more popular and for tier website to look more popular, maybe for a potential buyer.

Reply to @adsensewizard:

Or, if you do it right on your own (aka, set up your own site and blogs with great SEO), real, targeted traffic can also be completely free. :slight_smile: