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Proof that people are leaving in droves

I have had pretty terrible feedback as of late (a number of late delivery cancellations as Fiverr thought it would be fun to clear my list of all late orders to fix a problem which then caused everything to disappear unless somebody messaged me)

Now, the other day I decided to ‘leave’ Fiverr, and that is something that I am still planning on doing. I have turned off all of my gigs…or at least I thought I did. For some reason I have one active (must have not paused it properly). Been away from the computer for about 3 days. In that time I have had 52 orders on it. This is crazy since not only was the first part of my gig dosed in “order cancelled, seller failed to deliver on time” but I have only been taken 4 sales on average per 3 days for quite a while. This SHOWS that people are actively shutting down their gigs otherwise I would not have taken that many orders (I certainly would not have ordered from me…)

Just thought I would share that rather useless bit of info at 6:30am.

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I’m with you! I’ve taken down all of my gigs, waiting for the funds to clear right now and I’m off of this site asap!

It’s rather sad, that a place like this turns into such a tyranny… it was a really good site about 2 years ago, I enjoyed working here.

It seems to me that, the more they advertise themselves as the $5 marketplace, the more traffic they get and the worse the site gets.

1.The customers are just intolerable, expecting $100 worth of stuff for $5.

2. The site is constantly down for hours, YET our work time keeps on ticking …

3. You’re not even allowed to build relations outside fiverr, if you do that you’ll get banned!

4. worst customer support in the history of customer supports - need I say more?

5. seller unfriendly place from start to finish!

6. Chargebacks start happening more and more.

7. CS cancelling orders with no explanation…

there are more points, the past couple months have been hell for me here so I’m gone!

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Sellers have never had a headache as big as this. The friendly working environment which prevailed on fiverr is not there anymore. I hate to say this but even I’m considering leaving fiverr to a different website if this ARS prevails.

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I’ll be joining you very soon if things don’t improve Ryan.

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Reply to @wcman1976: Im in

I agree their systems are tyrannical, and lack a human touch.

lol. You’ve got 76 orders showing on your active gig right now.

the buyers are quite nasty now, they get you to deliver the job and then cancel the order and get a refund, well i’ve never put all my investment in fiverr as i know that other internet biz one can do as well.

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