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Proofread 5000 WORDS in 10 HOURS? ONLY the BEST!


Providing the most efficient and timely proofreading service right across Fiverr’s community is the gig that does mass proofreading in a indomitable manner. No competition regarding Volume, Time frame, Quality, and Price.

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Great service, very affordable and turnaround time awesome.


@akheem - Thanks - We have specials for persons with projects 35000 words - 350000 words :slight_smile:

All are welcome to order for exquisite service and expert professionalism!



@speedy876 - That’s amazing. What about discounts. Do you offer discount for large project?


Yup… Every order that is 20000 words or more there is a discount for that buyer… We do a lot of mass projects up to 200000 word orders. Please let us know if you need anything else.