Proofreaders using Google Docs



All proofreaders seem to be using Microsoft Word. However a lot of my writing I do in Google Docs, since it’s the easiest for me to share it with others and incorporate changes. I find suggesting in Google Docs superior to Ms Word.

Are there any proofreaders accepting Google Docs as a format, and with whom I could just share the document and get it corrected that way?




There are lots of easy things about google docs, and forms too! Far easier than Microsoft-- I use either one, depending on the client.

Are you seeking a seller that can support you, or is this a general question that belongs in Chit Chat or the Fiverr FAQ forum?


Have you started emailing different sellers to ask them? I would think even if it says in their gig the only use Word, if they want the job some of them will certainly be willing to offer services in google docs.


I’m sure many would at least consider using it if they tried it out, it never hurts to ask?

If someone has learnt to use ms Word, they propably will get the hang of google docs quite easily… I do see one problem, does google docs work offline? Sometimes Internet connections can be unreliable, resulting in data loss.

Personally, I just started, and fear the day someone sends a word document that isn’t in rtf form… that program has a lot of different versions, which often aren’t even compatible! Fortunately I do have the product key from last time I bought a computer, but I just wish I don’t have to install…

I prefer other programs for writing as well. The simpler the program used for the basic writing is, the easier it is to copy and format to fit the needs of the end result.


Reply to @katja1700: That is a good point about google docs having to work only online.

As for Word documents, do you have the latest version of Word? You can open up almost any proir version file.


The OP sent me a message for work this morning, and I’m like a lot of sellers on Fiverr. I only offer editing in Word Docs. I find that for $5 it’s just much simpler to stick with one format rather than juggling back and forth between several different kinds. My proofreading gig is kind of an “extra” I offer and isn’t a huge seller for me. But, I suppose if someone was offering a big bulk job I could understand wanting to use Google Docs, and I might oblige in that case…


Reply to @gingerwriter: I can see how that would be the case, to stick with one format for all the work.