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Proofreading and editing (where I will receive the Buyer's document)


Hello Fiverr, I am new here and have been exploring and learning, but I have one question I cannot find an answer for, even though I’ve tried the search feature. It’s probably obvious to seasoned users, but as I said before I am new here (just created my profile today) and I was halfway through creating my first editing gig when it occurred to me that I do not know how to or where I will receive the Buyer’s document. Will it be included in the To Do listing? Do I have to provide an email or other contact info? Please let me know! Thanks


The Buyer will attach it to the order, or give you a link to get it thru Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Providing email or personal contact info is against Fiverr’s ToS and can get you permanently suspended.


Thank you so much!