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Proofreading and Rewriting done to make anyone sound like an English Scholar

Custom Gigs are made available today for rewrite and revamping of previously done work!

Here’s what you need:

An article, presentation paper or story you have

An ability to want to sound awesome!

…Well after the first two, do you really need a third item?

I’ll take the work you’ve already done and make it something spectacular, just message me today to ask for samples. I’ll give you before-and-after articles that will absolutely boggle the mind… or maybe I just had too much coffee and want to use power words.

The pricing is the same with re-writes as they are with general works; in that I give you 1000 words for the cost of one gig, but here’s a comparison I can guarantee:

Imagine a story you have written out, or a paper you need to beef up. You give me 1500 words, and for the cost of three gigs, I can turn 1500 words into 3000 words easily!

Or, if you’re feeling really ambiguous, I can turn that same paper into 4000 words!

That’s an increase of word count by more than 100%, and for less than the cost of a tank of gas too. Be careful though… I can’t work miracles–I can boost your work only to the extent of what I’ve been given, so always consult your physician (or English Major–yes… that’s me) before making any requests.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Discounted Rates available for larger orders.

What a twist…