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Proofreading anyone?

Hello, I am a newbie here! I am a published poetry writer, but I also enjoy reading. I am very meticulous about proofreading and editing my work before it gets published and am as diligent and scrupulous when it comes to other people’s work. I make sure that whatever has been overlooked will not be ignored by me. You can relax, because I got this!

I love reading poems, short stories, chapbooks, novellas, and novels. But I do not limit myself to just these form types. And I enjoy all kinds of genres as well - fiction or not. My price is the same for one short work or one long work (in other words 5$ per work of any length). I can deliver your short work back to you within a period of 2 days. A longer manuscript will take me 2 weeks to proofread. However, for an additional 5$ I can deliver a short work back to you on the same day of your order or a longer work can be delivered back to you within a week if you are pressed for time.

Thank you for your attention and consideration! Hope to serve you some time soon!

Hey, TA,

Your writing looks very crisp. You should have no problem getting orders.

One thing I’d recommend, however, is to put some kind of ballpark figure on your word count. Because it’s a little abstract at the moment, and buyers will quite possibly try to take advantage of that. You only have to browse the forum for a few minutes to hear the horror stories.

Good luck on Fiverr! :slight_smile:

Hi Sara!

Wow, thank you for noticing you know what ;). I took care of that!

How many words do people usually work on for short writes and for longer writes? What would you recommend?

Thank you so much for your suggestions!

I think most sellers generally try to price their gigs so that they are earning $5 per 20-30 minutes or so, and 2,000 words is generally around the figure that I see for proofreaders on here. Obviously, as a new seller, it may be a good idea to offer a little bit more than that to build up your ratings and then increase your prices as time goes on and you’re getting more sales.

Thanks a lot for your insightful input!