Proofreading / Editing


Hello everyone!

My passion lies in all things writing, especially of the creative sorts. However, I have a good eye for detail and am willing to proofread anything ----- novels, short stories, essays, blog articles, etc. As someone who dreams of being published one day, I know how much work editing can be. I am willing to do such. I do not have any degree in english, but that’s what I went to school for ( didn’t get to finish unfortunately ). I have also been writing for ten years and have centered my life around the craft. I am willing to be flexible in terms of how much I charge, but please discuss with me on what you want done and we can go from there. I am also willing to charge a little extra if you want a couple of extra revisions.

I am just a 23 year old who is trying to afford her bills / mortgage / feed her dogs. Anything helps, and I would love for a chance to work with you all!

You can find a link to my services here:


I recommend proofreading this post.


I fail to see any issues. If you could tell me what you’re seeing and I am
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