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Proofreading scripts and making changes

Would it be bad form to add a few words to make a script make more sense grammatically? I don’t want to offend the buyer by pointing these out to him. Should I read it as is? Or do I make the changes and hope for the best. Once again these are very small additions, an “a” here and a “to” there. What do you think?

Thanks for the help…oh btw it’s my first gig! :grinning:

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If it’s a proofreading gig, then I see no issue editing some mistakes. After all, the buyer already knows their writing isn’t perfect and need help correcting it, hence why they hire you. What I would do is let them know that you spotted a few grammatical mistakes and corrected them so the script would make sense. I believe it’s better to just go with your instincts as the more experienced user than to deliver a product you’re not 100% pleased with.


Thanks @billieariel this is great advice. That was what I was leaning towards, I think I just needed to hear it from someone else. Thanks again.

When I do proofreading, I sometime edit the text and mark it while I do so the customer knows what’s been edited. Sometimes I just put comments into the document mentioning what I think is wrong and how it should be.
Being transparent works all the time, just explain why and how to your cutsomer, and all should be fine.

Like billieariel said, they hire you for a reason. :slight_smile:

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