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Proper Etiquette With Buyer

Hello Doers!

I hope everyone is doing great in doers platform. I will be discussing about a major concern or issue while we chat with buyer.

We are from different countries and different cultures. But we have to keep in mind that we need to be smart enough to know the difference between our cultures and manners and our buyer’s.

We have to talk with them in a proper way so that they can feel comfortable. We have to make sure that we are trustworthy. Otherwise they will hesitate to give us orders.

We should be able to speak and write English fluently so that they can understand us well. If we fail to express our thoughts with them properly then they will get a negative impression about us and they can also mark us as a non-professional freelancer.

We do not need to address them by Sir or Madam as they are just the buyers. They are not our boss like in a company. But we shouldn’t misbehave with them also.

No more today. I will be discussing more about it later. Till then be happy keep doing what you love to do. Cheers! :v:


I agree, part of being a professional is understanding that you will speak with people with different cultures and that shouldn’t matter. Also being fluent in English is a big plus since the buyer can feel safe once he know you are understanding what he says.


Yes,You are absolutely right.


Yes I Think this is the positive meaning to us


How many years have you been studying English? You write very well.

I don’t think struggling with English makes you a “non-professional freelancer.” As long as you can understand the instructions and are doing a task that has nothing to do with writing, mastery of English isn’t necessary.

Furthermore, in the advertising industry, we never expect Art Directors and graphic designer to catch spelling mistakes or to even read the copy that goes into an ad. It’s great if they do, but that’s not their job.

It’s also absurd to expect the entire world to speak English. It’s a very useful language, but even in Europe, you’re going to find places where nobody speaks English.


I’m in this category. I am over 4 years old on this platform, I understand 60-70% English, in many cases use Google translator and Grammarly for Chrome. Customers do not ask for academic discussion, they want quality in what order. In all these years I think I did pretty well, I do not think anyone overcomes in the video category + 22K completed orders and World Domination 76%