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Proper gig SEO title

Please give me some tips.
How I can get a proper gig SEO title, as a result, my gig is shown targeted customers.
Help me!


Check this out:


Hello @wordpress_chief, maybe you should’ve added some information about your gig so that we can help you??? Okay I did check your GIGS. The first thing I noticed is that you’re using duplicate content in one of your titles related to your WordPress gig…

’‘I Will Create A Wordpress Website Or Wordpress Website Design’'

was better if you just type

’‘I will design a professional and responsive WordPress website’'

The tags you are using for your gig are okay but not perfectly written :roll_eyes::smirk:

website design = great
wordpres = wordpress
wordpress website = great
responsive web = responsive website
My tip, professional website

Now you have 5 top keywords in your title, which you can implement in your tags. The rest of your Gig Titles I suggest you work on it. Good luck!!

Kind regards, Humberto


Thanks a lot for these great tips.

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The pleasure is all mine !! Take care of yourself!! Sincerely. Humberto


Thank you so much for your valuable tips! Thanks bro!

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Do some research with other sellers gig…