Proper uses of daily 10 offer


Hello Sellers!!!

Firstly you should read the Buyer request carefully, after that you should send your buyer request to the real buyer. Because, in Buyer Request page, you will get many more seller’s offers which is completely unexpected.



You should be honest with your Honorable Client.:man_health_worker:

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They’re a customer. Of course they’re important. But they are trading cash for a service. Not sure I would consider them honorable.


This might be useful for you:


Thanks for your tips. I will try it.


Thanks for your tips


Thank you for your suggestions :smiley: <3 , i think it should be changed. because this request is for buyer not seller,
i think fiverr should do something about this, because we dont want sellers offer its completely unexpected :frowning:


I wanna add one tip here.
Make offers only to those jobs that you’re sure you can do. Buyers don’t bring their projects here for experiment.


Actually, I can’t see a way to use all of those 10 offers per day. For my gig ( Photoshop Editing ) I can’t see any requests, besides sellers promoting themselves. Is that just the niche or am I doing something wrong here? :smiley:


Yes i agree with you most of the buyer request are from seller fiverr must ban their account.


You are absolutely right.


Try to create a gig in differet category.


You can setup another graphics design gig in another design Sub-category it will increase the request you see. And finishing your 10 offer slot everyday also increases the number of buyer request traffic you will see.


I see only one or two job post in the buyer request section. Can you tell me why? And also please tell me how can I see my project related job post.