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Proper way for gig marketing

Hello There,

I created 4 gigs in Fiverr. But lack of gig marketing I couldn’t get sufficient impression and clicks.

Please advice me proper way for gig marketing…

Where and how I can do gig marketing?


Sharing on social media on a daily basis. If you follow or you are followed by people who might be interested on your gig, you may end up getting yourself some sales.

But most importantly is to make you gigs SEO and have an attractive gig image to attract buyers to click on your gig and know what you offer. Eventually they will end up placing an order or messaging you.

The thing I have found most useful is sending Buyers Requests, send as many as you can but only for project you can do and deliver perfect service.


Thanks for your advice. I will try to follow your instructions


Welcome, I wish you success. Wish me luck also.

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Dear sumon,
You can share your recent project as a portfolio,
And share your gig link.
All social media platform