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Proper way of delivering work

Hi there,

I’m new to Fiverr and have recently gotten a few gigs.

I wanted to ask you guys who offer revisions and/or reworks how you typically deliver your process?

Do you entirely finish the product to the specifications and allow them to see the work for revisions/corrections? Or do you show them WIP for possible revisions? What’s considered a best practice?


It depends. On most orders, the client expects a finished product upon delivery. You should never use the “Deliver Now”-button if your work isn’t complete in your eyes.

The best practice is to deliver the completed work, and then review any requests for revision as needed unless otherwise agreed upon before the order starts.

On larger projects, I find that buyers sometimes will ask for me to complete a portion of the work, send it, and they will give it a go-ahead or let me know if they want something done differently. I’m usually fine with that, as long as the order is already started. I never work for free.

This can be a good way to make sure that you and the buyer are on the same page, and allow them to give you some direction if needed.

But in most cases the buyer will place the order, I will complete it, deliver it, and then they can ask for revisions. If you’re in doubt when you’re working on a project, you can always ask for feedback from the buyer along the way.

A nice way of dealing with large and time-consuming projects is to use the Milestone function when you create the order. This allows you to set milestones, and you’ll be delivering on those, and then the buyer can choose to proceed to the next milestone.


I really appreciate your thorough reply! That basically hit all the points as I’m working on my first gig and I wasn’t sure what exactly happens after you hit the “deliver now” button. This clarifies a lot! Thank you!

Happy to help :slight_smile:

Just a word of advice though: if the buyer clicks the “Request Revision”-button, the timer on the order will start from where it was when you made your last delivery. So if you had one hour left on the clock when you delivered the order, and the buyer requests a revision, you’ll have one hour to complete the revision and deliver again, otherwise you’ll get a late order, and that’s very bad for your gig.

I recommend delivering as early as possible (both to make the buyer happy, and allow for time to do revisions), and if you still have too little time to complete the order, you should use the resolution center to request more time from the buyer to avoid late deliveries.