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Properly Optimize My Gig & Make SEO Friendly!


If you create a gig and it rank on First page that means you will get lots of Impressions, Views, Clicks which will increase your chance to get regular order.
Well in my view I always consider few must needed things

#Choose the Perfect Title for Your Gig.
#Beautiful Cover Image for Your Gig

Gig Metadata / Keyword Smartly (Do Google Analyses)

#Optimize Gig Tags. .Make the Most of Packages you can
#Create a Compelling Description including all your services (Make Short & Sweet)
#Make the Most of Frequently Asked Questions
#Create the Requirements You Need.

Those above points is very much essential while it’s all about Optimizing Gig


WoW, Great Tips Boss.
I Hope we will see somthing new tips.


Thank You for share your great tips


You have pointed really great points!