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Proposal: Blocked users shouldn´t be able to order

After I´d had several times the case, that users that have been blocked by me / reported as spam, order afterwards as “nothing has happened” I propose to implement this feature to protect the Fiverr market, sellers and buyers.

"Reported as spam" = impossibility for this buyer to order from the seller that has blocked him.

Example: I had a user who wanted to “sell” me a pyramid scheme, asking for a video call and commission payments outside Fiverr two months ago. He has been blocked by me for that, for sure, as it is completely against the Fiverr TOU.

Today he ordered, I sent for sure the cancellation request, and then he wanted to “discuss” with me, that I am obliged to fulfill his order, because of his “great product”, that is nothing else than a scam.

Giving users like him the possibility to still order after “everything was said” and reported costs a lot of time for sellers and harms the order completion rate.


thanks for information you are 100% right

Thank you for your post @babibalubi !
I didn’t have a clue that blocked buyers still could order.
Unfortunately, there are these kinds of buyers around.
I am on the verge of blocking a user, because I have my reasons not to work for that person again. I am also a bit concerned, because this post hasn’t been answered by an admin.

Fiverr admin don’t often answer on the forum, although they may be reading - hello BTW :wave:.

The only way you can communicate with Fiverr admin directly is via CS. :sunny:

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Thank you!
This has been sorted then.

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