Proposed Feature: Queue #


Hi Everyone,

I have been thinking of a new feature that may assist clients here, perhaps we could discuss the pros and cons and maybe pitch it to the Fiverr team (if they aren’t on this already). The idea would be a queue #, so in addition to the delivery date which is calculated based on the proposed delivery time and the time of the order being placed, perhaps a queue # as well would assist as clients will then see how soon in line they are to being served. This is because I get persons continuously asking about when their order is due, despite the delivery date being in their window and some of them may not understand it is a process and there are others before them. In that way, they can always look back and see when they are being served.

What do you think?


Not a bad idea but some of us might not even work the orders by queue. There are certain situations in which I would give more preference to an incomming order than others already sitting in queue.


True, but that doesn’t matter, because the client’s order # will not adjust and so they’ll still be in the same waiting period. So for example, if you have five orders and you decide to work on order #5 first, then that person would be super happy that they got it early, but person in spot #4 isn’t going to be bothered because their number is the same. Now if someone expedited the order and there were five orders but they paid extra and came in at #3 , now that’s where it will get tricky, but an additional counter can be placed saying “queue#” and “expedited orders ahead:” or something.

I am just trying to find a solution to the clients who constantly ask you “is it ready yet, is it ready yet” even though big and bold in-front of them is their due date, so you end up politely assisting them to see that there’s a queue system and their order is of importance but fairness.


Every gig is different. One might take 10 min to complete another one might take 3 full days to complete. I am not sure how they would be able to make this happen with thousands of different gigs and sellers out there.

Maybe you can create a few different quick responses and reply to your buyers after they place the order. You can let them know when you will start working on their order.


This is true, but to clarify, what I’m mentioning isn’t about the time it takes to do an order but about the queue #, so if it takes you 15 minutes to do an order and you have 15 orders in queue, it just means the queue will move faster and your queue # will move up. The structure to do this is already there, just for a little background as well, I used to write software before doing what I do now. The structure in the to-do-list showing “Sales in Queue” is the counter that can be used as each order is assigned a counter based on the position in the queue in order to have a total number of “Sales in queue”, all the programmers need to do to start is , reveal that counter number to the buyer, showing them which position they hold in the queue.

Then from there, tweak it to accommodate “modifications” , “expedited orders” and so forth.


Yes, I understand ;). As I said before, I don’t think it’s a bad idea, especially since a lot of sellers offer multiples gigs. You might want to move your post into the category “Fiverr Site Suggestions”.

I still think you can take advantage of your quick responses in the meantime. Who knows maybe sooner or later they will incooperate this feature.


Admittedly, I get the easiest orders out of the way first - probably working the wrong way round but it leaves me to focus on the more challenging and time-consuming orders without any pressure from other orders. I’m never working in any set order.


Thank you for your feedback, although this may be true, however, to the client, it’s not going to matter. For example:

Clients: Queue# (sorted by delivery time):
John 1
Mary 2
Kate 3
James 4
Frank 5
Jake 6

If you decide to work on Frank first, so as long as you are within delivery time, it doesn’t matter to John because his order is due at a certain date. However, for Jake, he now sees that his order is moving up the queue. So then you deliver Franks and it was accepted (when it is accepted is the only time it gets removed from queue # (even if not in your to do list, this is to avoid modifications jumping back in and pushing up and down the queue unnecessarily)

So the new queue is:
John 1
Mary 2
Kate 3
James 4
Jake 5

Now here comes Mike with an order he expedited [Admittedly this section is the part I am finding hardest to work around] but with that said to each buyer their order still has their respective due date so they know they’ll receive it on that day, therefore the queue “doesn’t matter” in terms of delivery, but matter in terms of “hey I wonder if he’s on my order as yet”:

John 1
Mary 2
Mike 3
Kate 4
James 5
Jake 6

Feel welcome to pick it down, suggestions, ideas, does it work…


Even now, expedited orders are given priority. If you can state how this new system is better than the current system, that would make things more clear. If no advantage, why complicate things?



I wasn’t suggesting you change the system, I was just suggesting to add a feature to further enhance the experience. It doesn’t take away from what is present. The online status feature does not change the system that was in place, but it assisted by letting buyers know if they may receive a response promptly by noting if the seller is online; it doesn’t mean the seller just because he/she is online will respond immediately, but chances are if they are online, it may be faster than someone who isn’t.

In the same way, the queue feature assists buyers in letting them know if they may or may not receive their order in an earlier fashion. It’s a bonus, not a change of system.