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Proposed Solution to Buyer Request Misuse

So I’ve noticed (like a lot of you have) that sellers have been misusing the Buyer Requests section. (You probably read many topics like this)

So I’ve thought of 2 solutions:

  • A warning at the top of the Post A Request page that warns sellers not to use BR (Buyer Requests) for advertising
  • A Report button for BR that reports misuse to the staff, and will hide the BR should enough people report the BR.

What do you guys think?


Vote Here. :arrow_down:

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Thanks for redirecting me. I didn’t notice that post :sweat_smile:

You’re right though with both points, maybe add your first point with the banner to the comments, in case nobody mentioned it in that thread yet :smile: and let’s hope there is strength in numbers. :slight_smile:


Yeah! If we get enough supporters, maybe Fiverr will finally notice! :smile: