PROs promotion will push the Regular Sellers to the Wall


This is very unfortunate, that the Fiverr regular sellers who made the Fiverr successful and Famous have No value Now.
I just logged in to my Fiverr Account and can see “Fiverr pro home” feature on my dashboard which is nothing but promoting the SO CALLED PROs and sidelining the Ordinary sellers.
I request the Fiverr to make the “pros” Badge Achievable for Regular sellers OR give equal opportunity to everyone on Fiverr.


I get what you mean, but keep in mind just a fraction of buyers here have a budget to hire a pro seller. Those who hire PROs, wouldn’t hire you (nor me) anyway. I believe the most successful sellers here get most of their sales outside the Fiverr- by promoting their gigs.


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@md0000 You’re right, but that not my point. I want the Fiverr to give Equal opportunity to every one. The PROs promotion will definitely affect the Regular sellers. Although, I Believe that there are many regular sellers who can deliver better work than a Pro and that too in an Affordable price.


They already have. Anyone can apply to be a Pro seller.


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