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Prospective buyer makes inaccurate assessment


I had a prospective client asking me if I could help him rewrite some content on his website. After a couple of messages, he sends me the file. However, considering I’m in the middle of a 2,000-word article, I wait until I am done with the article before returning to his message and open the file.

I tried opening the file and my computer flags the file as being corrupted. I cannot open the file. So, I write the prospective buyer back, apologizing for the delay as I was working on another project that had to be dealt with and I let him know that I was having problems with the file, with my computer saying it was corrupted.

He writes back, saying “Just say I don’t want this work.”

DO WHAT?!!! How in the world do you get that from the file is corrupted? Instead of saying, sorry let’s try another way like Notepad or something, he automatically assumes I just don’t want to work on his file.

Wish I could open it but now glad I can’t.

I wrote him back saying this, Why would you think that? I tried to open the file and my computer is telling me the file is corrupted. I can NOT open the file. However, if you feel that I am lying, then perhaps we’re not a good match. But, I’m not.

You know what they say about ASSumptions.


Consider it lucky you got a big red flag right away. He wouldn’t make a good buyer.


the file and the buyer both appear to be corrupted


I wouldn’t blame the buyer too harshly.
I see people on here quite often suggesting that they would do what the buyer is accusing you of; there is a tendency for advice to be to just lie to the buyer to get them to leave you alone or not order, rather than be straight with them.


Unfortunately, I’m being lumped in with all the unprofessionals here. And, that was his ASSumption. I have many times told prospective clients that I appreciate their consideration but feel I am not a good candidate for their project. I won’t beat around the bush. I am one of the more honest folks you’ll meet - perhaps that’s a downfall; who knows. If there’s an issue with a file or whatever, I’m going to be honest.

This mentality isn’t just in business but also in real life. If I don’t like you, I’m going to just tell you. If there’s something particular I don’t like, you’ll get the truth from me. My husband tells me I’m more male than female in this regard. :slight_smile: I blame it on the fact that I grew up with two brothers, no sisters and most of my best friends were guys.


Yeah, I get you - I often find that when a buyer is completely off like in your situation, it is because they have had bad experiences with others. Not an excuse but does make it a little more understandable.


I am getting often files that are corrupted and asking buyers to send me file again. And usually when buyer uploads it again, it works normal.

But, I never had buyer saying that to me after I told him to send me file again as I can’t open it. I think, as many here, that this is good thing for you because it looks like that buyer would be pain in the …