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Protect your gig text and DON'T STEAL!

Today I ran my periodic Copyscape check on my own (obviously written from scratch) gig text. Some “seller” had the brass ones to literally copy my entire gig, word-for-word, swapping out only their name. They even copied my emojis!

I called her on it, and sent her a message to the effect of remove this immediately or I’m reporting you to Fiverr and you’ll probably lose your account. We all know that Fiverr CS moves at the speed of smell so I figured I’d start approaching these thieves directly and calling them out on their nonsense, letting them know that I know and hopefully shame them into removing my stolen copy.

So an hour later, I get a response: “Okay, I’ll do it this afternoon.” I checked a bit later, and she had completely revamped the gig. Cool.

I look a little closer. Huh, this is surprisingly well-written for someone that stole content to legitimize themselves. Are they really just that lazy?

Well, I plugged it back into Copyscape again - boom. They had stolen another seller’s gig, word-for-word. The sheer audacity would be impressive if it weren’t so pathetic. I sent a message to the other seller, letting them know as a professional courtesy, but man - twice in a row, no shame whatsoever. Absolutely insane.


Yep, same here. Not only the description, even my name, country ect. :joy:

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