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Protect your Outlook

Hi there.

Have you ever forgot to lock your computer at the office? Did your friends send funny emails from your outlook to other people?

I am selling my “Outlook Protection Gig” just for cases like that!! :))

For just 5$ U will be able to password-protect your precious Outlook, including step-by-step tutorial.


Try now and you won’t be disappointed! :slight_smile:

One happy customer said: "Hi sirtaco, today I installed the Gig on my office Outlook application, and my friends tried to write a funny email, and all they got was a message box which said: 'Not again! :-)) ’ Thank you again!"
Outlook protection is something we should all take into serious consideration. Get your now:

Now with much more support - Protect yourself NOW! :stuck_out_tongue:

Outlook protection is a serious matter. Check it now on Fiverr:

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