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Protecting Artwork from being stolen by the buyer

Hi, is there a common method among the graphic designers and artists here that allows you to safely deliver your work? What I mean is, lets say you complete an order for a new company logo. How can you deliver the finished product knowing that the buyer won’t download the logo and then cancel the order?



Ahoj @sergeywozniack, for artist it may be the hardest on Fiverr, as their work can be stolen or marked as incomplete. What I would recommend is lowering your revisions to none to save your artwork from being stolen and your Gig being incomplete. If the buyer requests a modification, you can deliver it to him as “deliver again” you will have extra 3 days for the order to be marked as complete. I hope this helps! :nerd_face:


Fiverr puts a watermark over all delivered work. So, if the buyer downloads it, the work will be unusable due to the watermark.

Unless the buyer has patience and basic Photoshop skills to remove the watermark (ahem).

Fiverr indeed adds a watermark and the buyer (technically) isn’t permitted to use the artwork if the order is cancelled (according to ToS). That’s the protection you’re getting, it’s up to you to figure out if you’re satisfied with it and are willing to work under the conditions.