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Protecting My Account is Important [Phone Verification for All Users]


I just saw in my profile a red bar to verify my Mobile Phone Number . And when I click verify it says

Your account’s security is important to us. Therefore, to protect your earnings and feel more secure, we ask that all active sellers verify their phone numbers.
You will have 30 days to complete phone verification. We recommend verifying now for your own account security.

is There Any one who are seeing This also .

Thanks and stay safe with me. :blue_heart:

Mod Note: Readers seem to be missing an important fact, so here it is in the OP. This feature is not yet available to all users on Fiverr. It started with brand new users. It seems that it will be very slowly introduced to old/all users eventually. If you don’t see any notice, you don’t need to do anything. If you are prompted to verify later, see the help file. For any other questions or problems, contact Customer Support.


I didn’t get the red bar in my Profile yet. Hope every person will get this. So please verify your account and keep secure :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting the screenshot. :thumbsup:
It is currently being rolled out to all users.

##An already updated topic on Fiverr Support page:


Oh, I am sorry, i did not notice it yet . When I saw Red bar I posted that immediately.

But Thank you so much …:green_heart:

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No you did a good thing. :thumbsup:
I did previously ask another person to post a screenshot but did not do it.

So thank you for updating us.


Kudos to fiverr team for starting this process.

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Dis gonna be good

People using VPN’s… Toast

People with multiple accounts… Toast with sunny side up

People using VPN with multiple accounts. Cremated.


I love this new requirement. It will make the community better and safer by filtering out the potential scammers, “grab and run” Sellers and cheaters.

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This post is now pinned here so that more users might see that this is normal and will probably roll out slowly.

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I didn’t get the red bar in my Profile yet.

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I have not seen such in my account yet? is there someone who can post a screenshot of what it looks like?

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Thank you! Very good to know. Hopefully this goes a long way in weeding out scammers, and overall account security.


I’m grateful for this feature. There are probably thousands of inactive accounts which Fiverr is trying to eliminate.

Phone verification is a good place to start!

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Damnit… … I dont even use a phone… Seriously…
Once I found out about Gmail’s ability to ring a landline for free… And the health benefits of not carrying something like a phone around so close to my body… And started freelancing…

I left my phone + $80 monthly bill in the dust.
Now , nobody can call me and bother me anymore :slight_smile:
They get to leave facebook messages if they want me to call them!
I get to see their faces more because I force them to facetime/■■■■■ me for calls.

It’s great and free with less radiation poisoning… what am I missing?

Sure i’m the 1% here … but what the hell am I going to do with this new pre-paid phone I’m not gonna use?
Fiverr is gonna make me spend like $25 for something I’m never gonna use.

Tell em Borat…

I get it though… This will fix those people who don’t care to buy a pre-paid phone or ask their best friend/mother/father/family member to verify their phone number.

Oh , who am I kidding… I need to call my mother anyway… she’ll verify anything for me till the day I die.
Way to go fiverr… got me to call my mom again…

Hit it Borat…


I supposed you did not bother reading the linked article brother?


Doh! I sure did not!

— However…

I don’t use a landline either! LoL


Momma it is then… :thumbsup:


This will prove what country a person is in. It’s a good thing to prove a person’s country and what else will it do?

This is how Yahoo and some other email providers verify an account if you forget your password. Is this how it will be used on fiverr? We probably don’t know the answer yet but this would be a great use for it.

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