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Protecting my new logo

Hi All
I had a logo designed for my website here on Fiverr. How can I stop anyone else using it?


Lawyers. Register the logo’s copyright. Unless you’re a big company / have money to spend on it, you can’t really do anything. Even if you register it, somebody else may use it anyway, and then you’ll have to move on to litigation - sue them, pretty much. That can be pretty expensive. Big companies can do it easily, small operations not so much.

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I’m not positive, but I think that if you’re in the USA, you register it with the necessary agencies. (I hope it’s actually a unique logo, though.)

While that wouldn’t be a protection of your rights to your logo per se, I would also advise to look for sellers with realistic prices on logo design, if you haven’t. There is no 100% guarantee, but they are much more likely to give you a custom unique design to begin with and to have enough respect to ethics to never use the same or very similar design for their future clients.
I’m speaking hundreds of dollars here.
With $5-20 gigs you are likely to get a logo from a microstock or logo generator, which of course means that numerous people around the world will have a slightly modified version of this same logo.
This price range is just not realistic to have a truly competent designer to create something custom for your company.
But of course once in a lifetime you might get lucky and stumble upon a hidden newbie gem grossly underpricing their services.

If you ordered from one of the more affordable ones, try searching the images from your logo, if any are used. If you find it on a microstock, you won’t be able to legally claim it for yourself.


Thanks - thought so.

Thanks for your help.