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Protecting the right of sellers on fiver

I am a bit worried about seller community here. Buyers came, place their orders without letting us know on VA(Virtual Assistant) gig and went without replying a single query. Seriously like what is that? How could we understand a task without discussing to our clients? Fiver should protect its seller community as well because we are paying too and should take a serious action about their buyers. When it is mentioned in our gig…PLEASE DROP US A MESSAGE BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER?what does it mean? Why buyers do not try to understand such a simple statement. They came, place an order and when we ask a query they went by canceling an order that seller is not qualified to do that job. I request fiver to take some serious action by preventing such type of blunders by the buyers and protect their sellers as well.
Suggestions Appreciated


That’s true. There must be a solution for that. It happens for most of sellers even for me. Fiverr will surely set up a solution for that.

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Very true. There should be some machanism to stop this issue. There should be proper check and balance otherwise sellers would get disappointed and start quiting fiverr.


I agree with this - sellers should have some sort of protection - mistakes do happen.

I don’t agree with having to ask permission from a seller before buying - spurious reasons could be found for not wanting to deal with buyers, which could lead to conflict.

It may be better if sellers could mutually cancel orders without penalty if they find they can’t complete an order for whatever reason - exactly like it used to be in fact. :wink:


Sellers aren’t vending machines, where you place the money and the ready made product comes out.

Services are custom request for almost every single buyer, everyone has a different perspective and demand, so a good communication before ordering is essential for the buyers (who will make sure they will get what they are looking for) and for the sellers (who won’t lose time and money with unnecessary revisions).


you are right. That is the point.

Try to expand your vision. Sometimes you should think out of the box.

The message that works for me (and is on every one of my gigs!) is “Please message me to discuss your exact requirements” - in bold.

Buyers seem to understand this as an important step, rather than just a friendly request.

Just my 2p