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Protecting Vocal Files?


I know gigs pertaining to visual/print mediums - logos, postcards, brochures, etc. - automatically include a watermark to keep buyers from cancelling sales and running off with the work, but is there anything in place for those of us who provide audio files? Does Fiverr implement something on such files? Or is it an option for US to add something - a low hum or a whispered “Fiverr” every few seconds - on our own? Do any of YOU do anything to keep your files safe before your orders are “Complete”?


you mean like audio samples on your fiverr porfolio for each gig? I haven’t heard anything from the audio gigs I purchased.


I mean, like, all of my gigs are vocalizations - singing background, doing voiceovers, doing audiobooks, etc. - and I just wondered if any failsafes were in place for OUR work, pre-Completion.

And if not, I wonder if it would be acceptable to add a track of me whispering “Fiverr” every 5 seconds or so, so a buyer could NOT run off with unpaid work. Such a thing would be easily removable upon order Completion.


Not really sure what you mean. Why would there be a watermark of any sort on a “delivered” file?

Once you click deliver you’re delivering the final work, and Fiverr has the money in escrow.

The only time I could see this being necessary is sending a sample over messages without an active order. Then you could add some low-level white noise under the voice if you choose, or a whisper as you said. In the rare case I do a sample, I never do a full read of the script or provide a full length version, so there’s not really anything for them to steal.

I don’t watermark my audio and I’ve never had an issue… Fiverr would not be happy about somebody cancelling an order and stealing the audio after the seller delivered, so I’m sure they would step in and do something about it.


That’s a very good idea, and if it were inconspicuous enough that they could hear everything and yet still chose to complain, then you’d have your warning sign.

But don’t underestimate the determination of some of these buyers to get unpaid work. I watched a video once where there was an audio track with something similar every fifteen seconds. Seems that person gave zero clucks. :chicken:


Thanks for that, joelnorth. I’m just remembering that when I ordered a logo, the designs provided had a light “Fiverr” image and it was noted that that would be removed when I accepted the order. So I just wondered if there was anything like that for vocal orders.

Here’s an example on a logo I downloaded after the order was delivered, but before it was completed.


I think some VOA’s have a beep every once in a while. That’s less disturbing than someone whispering


I seen some youtube intro gigs that if you hear properly, you will heard AUDIO JUNGLE being whispered.

Yes I know this example is video and you asked audio.


That’s still helpful, miroslavglavic!

And thank you, everyone, for your responses. That definitely gives me some food for thought.