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Protection for Buyers

I have ordered and payed for work to be done, but have not heard from seller since.
Am I protected in anyway from paying for something and not getting the job done?

You have lots of options. You can reach out to the seller and try to get them to answer you (on the order page and through the PM thread), you can cancel the order using the resolution center on the order page, you can contact customer service and ask them to step in, or you can wait until the order times out on its own and leave an automatic negative review on that seller’s gig.

Inbox the buyer and then he come on fiverr, he will get step to start work

Yes as emasonwrites said there are lots of options.

I use a very popular top rated graphic artist who often does not answer when I place an order for a few days since he has over 20 buyers in his queue but I never worry that he will answer when he is able to so it depends on how popular and busy a seller is sometimes.