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Protection for sellers? Is there any?


Unfortunately, a decent portion of my livelihood comes from fiverr. I’m a trained and pofessional artist for over 20 years and so I practically give my work away; my efforts would worth quite a bit more in any other sales format but I have bills to pay. And frankly I’m seeing a VERY disturbing trend here on Fiverr. There’s basically zero protection against fraud for the seller. When dealing with art, there is no “Yes, this is correct or no this is wrong” but a person can simply see a level of quality. And most people really are good people not trying to take advantage of others, so I’ve had many good experiences here. However, (There’s always a however) there just isn’t protection for he seller. Buyer orders. Seller does the work. Buyer says “I don’t like it” but has the final product and gets to keep the work. Seller can either give the buyer more art, or not get paid for the original art. There’s no moderator to protect the seller who worked hard.

At one point I thought I’d send some messages as I had a particularly pompous would-be-Hollywood-actress client trying to get additional free art and she had the whole order cancelled and of course kept the art. No payment for the seller, so I sent a letter to Fiverr admin, and got very polite response stating the buyer can complain to PayPal and there’s not much Fiverr can do about it, but at least they kept her from giving me fake bad feedback, which admittedly I was thankful for.

So now I’m a bit gun shy about the jobs I take, since I cannot afford to work for free. This is bad for me and fiverr since they lose out on the work I have to cancel for fear of a difficult buyer.

I take the time to rant because A) Maybe Fiverr will take note and offer moderation or B) someone has advice that I’m not finding anywhere. And yeah, kissing the buyers you know what doesn’t work when they’re trying to pull a fast one. It just doesn’t.

So am I missing something?


Would they be a way you could watermark your work? You could send a watermarked sample, and if they liked it you could send them the original.


As an artist on Fiverr, I can really agree with your rant here :confused: I’ve had several orders that have all come down to ‘personal taste’ - regardless of whether I deliver in a matter of hours, remain cheerful, do my best to please them, there will always be those buyers that just ‘don’t like it’. You seem to have been luckier in your case. It took months of my nagging for Fiverr CS to take down negative feedback from a rude and trouble-making buyer whose negative feedback was down to ‘personal taste’.

There’s not much I can even offer in the way of advice. I haven’t found a way to deal with it, either, because bad comes with the good and there’s no way one can prepare for it. Just try and stay on the best side of a nasty buyer; be really, really nice. It’s harder for a buyer to purposefully upset you if they like you.


Reply to @bachas85:

I do appreciate the response, I suspect that’s a slightly better approach then what I’ve been doing. Has it worked for you? Has Customer support stepped in made sure your payment for work was received? I’m quite curious. My experience with customer support was that CS couldn’t really do much if the buyer chose to go to PayPal and have them return the funds. Maybe my case was a bit extreme? I don’t know. Still, in most cases people are pretty decent, and the more they are considerate and polite the more I tend to bend over to help as well. Guess that’s just human nature. Thanks again!


Reply to @boslass:

Thanks, it’s good to hear CS did finally take that negative comment down and that they’re out there supporting buyers as well. I do try to avoid any kind of mediation whenever possible, but sometimes there’s just no working it out with people. At least it’s just not me!


Im also an artist here and feel your pain. Something needs to be done… I see misuse of the modification button become more apparent each and every week. The sole reason ive visited the forums today to see if anyone else has posted about this.


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That modification button really puts the seller at the mercy of the buyer. It says, “I get to grumble and complain nd there’s really nothing you can do about.” The answer to this is really quite simple. For every opportunity the buyer has, the seller should have an equal opportunity. Mutual cancellation AFTER the work has been done is not such an option because that means the buyer gets the work or free and the seller gets nothing. At this point I’d settle for half I think. Anything to make the buyer seriously consider their actions before going crazy with that mod button.


Reply to @zorrow:

There’s still no way to be sure the customer isn’t going to A) demand a bunch of free time-consuming changes “or else!” or B) once they have the final art, go back and change their minds – a scammer is going to scam. The watermark does at least keep them from having a functional version of the final art, and I suppose I could hold the final unmarked version for ransom until after they’ve approved the design, but I suspect that would be a bit outside the ToS of Fiverr and would cause me more customer dissatisfaction than it would save me from that one or two buyers that there’s just no pleasing.

newbold3d said: Something needs to be done... I see misuse of the modification button become more apparent each and every week.

I do agree with you..... However I don't blame the buyers. I blame the interface/fiverr for it. They should make it more clear for buyers on how to use it, explain more about cancellations, etc... Because If I wasn't a seller, I probably would've used the Modify button the same way some have used on me.

With that said... You're always going to have bad apples no matter what... ~X(


I agree. I write blog posts and flyers and most of my clients give me great and positive reviews. However, a few say they could write it better themselves. Then why didnt they? Same boat here. I have a feeling at least one client kept the work to use on their blog or whatever and then cancelled to either get money back or just to be a jerk. Most people are nice so we have to look at the positive. It stinks though because I have noticed cancellation affects our feedback score …mutual or not ugg!


Have to say I agree with you, as an artist.