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Protection of files

Hey there,

I just have “simple” but no so simple question. Does Fiverr has some regulations or rules around files that you send as a buyer? Or how does Fiverr manage that the seller does not use my files as their for example: If I need to create website from .psd or .sketch file that I design, How am I protected that the seller does not use somewhere, somehow my design as theirs. Or how can I manage that conversation between me (buyer) and seller stay discreet? Should I get every single seller to sign up some contract for me?

Thanks! :smiley: Have a great day!

To do that, sellers would have to give you their personal contact information, and that would be a Terms of Service violation, so they’d get banned from Fiverr.

According to Fiverr’s Terms of Service, everything between a buyer and a seller must be kept confidential. Whatever they receive from you can only be used to deliver the work you hire them to do. A seller who violates this would get banned from Fiverr, so, unless you’re pretty certain that what they could steal from you would make them so rich they wouldn’t need any regular income for the rest of their lives, it’s highly unlikely they’d risk it.


Thank you so much! Very useful answer. I appreciate that! Thanks a lot!

being seller i have done several projects … I work on my clients Youtube channels even their channels are monitzed and they are earning from their channel more than my freelancing earnings… But i have never thought that i should do some thing with their channels even i have their logins … Earning is nothing for me … when my service makes my clients happy that’s what i love more then money…

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Thats great to hear! You are great person! But there is always the thing that not everybody is like you :slight_smile: Wish you best!

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Thanks being seller we should not break the Trust…

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